Technology Solutions for the Bullion and Blockchain Industries

Little Bit provides software solutions and services for the Silver Bullion Group.

Intellectual Property

TSH Vault System

The TSH Vault System is a bonded vault management system with a focus on segregated ownership, procedural reliability and security. It currently manages 25,000 parcels, 600 safe deposit boxes and the GGC crypto storage system utilizing RFID integration for efficient auditing. The system has been audited by EY and Bureau Veritas.

DUX Testing

Our proprietary DUX testing system provides a bullion testing system that measures a minimum three physical bullion characteristics (density, sound celerity, electrical conductivity, surface composition and magnetic characteristics) and compares it to an extensive tolerance database to evaluate and record the test results online.

Retail POS

Retail POS

Our Retail POS is an e-commerce system for bullion retail with CRM, FIFO inventory and a full financial accounting system. More than $600 million SGD in sales have passed through the system and it is now licensed to Silver Bullion and Aspial’s (SGX A30) subsidiary GoldHeart Bullion.

Secured Peer to Peer Lending

Our P2P lending platform enables storage customers to use their bullion as collateral to obtain a loan from another customer. We act as an escrow and charge a 0.5% fee to both lenders and borrowers. Interest rates are set among customers in a bid/ask system. Average rates are around 3.5% pa and we have an overabundance of lenders.



GramChain offers a flexible standard for tracking bullion parcels using blockchain technology. GramChain combines 10 years of lessons learnt in bullion related software development with practical and reliable blockchain and IoT technologies and our existing RFID, DUX and P2P systems.